Wood Fired Neapolitan Pizza Truck - Tampa Bay Area

Natural Ingredients in Our Neapolitan Pizza

How Natural Ingredients Lead to the Best Savory Wood-Fired Pizza

In Italy, cooking is viewed as an art form. Many families have passed down recipes for hundreds of years that take hours to make. With so much time allowing for sauces to simmer, meal prep also creates an opportunity for family and friends to laugh and make memories.

When you visit our Corvo Bianco pizza truck, you'll find we've taken some of the best elements of Italy, such as fresh ingredients, and blended them with our love of the community in Dunedin, Florida to make eating pizza an elevated experience.

Striking a Healthy Balance with Fresh Ingredients

The phrase, "sei quello che mangi" is a favorite among Italians who value the importance of seeking purity in their food. You've probably heard this same phrase in English, since it means “you are what you eat”.

Caputo Flour

We apply this concept to our wood-fired pizzas by seeking out only the highest quality and freshest ingredients that we can find. For our dough, we use Caputo 00 flour. This unbleached flour is highly refined and made from soft white wheat. It has a silky texture that blends in perfectly with our fresh yeast to create a food experience that even gluten-sensitive people can enjoy.

Filtered Water

When it comes to purity in our ingredients, we don't just stop at the most obvious ones. We've also taken steps to use only filtered water for our pizza dough and sauce. Our filtered water does not have chemicals such as chlorine or chloramine. The purity of the water helps to bring out the natural flavors of our other fresh ingredients, such as Italian sea salt. It just feels good to know that the pizza you eat contains as few chemicals as possible.

Pizza dough made with Caputo flour

How Our Neapolitan Dough is Different

Unlike some commercial brands, we invest hours of time making Neapolitan pizza dough that is as close to perfect as we can get. Neapolitan dough is considered to be most basic of all the types that are used to make pizza crust. The minimal amount of ingredients used to make the dough is what makes it so important to choose quality ones every time. This dough contains no sugar or oil, which is perfect for people on special diets.

While this may be the most basic recipe for dough, it is one of the most complicated. When you rely upon only a few ingredients to do all of the work, each step of the recipe must be taken very carefully.

To make the dough, we carefully add each ingredient to the mixture slowly so that we achieve the perfect blend. The dough is allowed to ferment naturally over many hours. This slow fermentation process is what gives Neapolitan dough it's amazing taste.

It is also why our dough is considered to be softer and easier to digest for people with gluten-sensitivities than other types. In fact, even people without food allergies find that the dough creates a crust that leaves them satisfied but without that, "too full" feeling.

When it is time to make our crust, we use a light touch to stretch and shape the dough. Then, we add our other delicious toppings before popping it into our wood-fired oven. Within minutes, you have a hot and fresh pizza in your hands that feels like it came straight from an Italian kitchen.

What Makes Our Pizza Sauce "The Sauce"

Italian chefs frequently refer to their sauce as gravy since it is that something extra that gives flavor to everything from pasta to meatballs. Our pizza sauce is made using only San Marzano tomatoes that are imported from Italy. These tomatoes are so well-known for their flavor that there are actually imposters selling other varieties under the name. This is why we only use tomatoes from the brand Ciao, which is proven to be legitimate.

San Marzano Tomatoes

San Marzano tomatoes are prized among true Italian chefs for having low acidity that comes from being grown in the volcanic soil at the base of Mount Vesuvius. They are considered to be sweeter than the average tomato, contain fewer seeds and are easier to peel than other varieties. This allows us to keep our sauce pure and with that tangy sweetness that makes sauce balance out the flavors of our other pizza toppings.

Neapolitan Pizza with Home Made Mozzerra Cheese

Topping It Off With Homemade Mozzarella

If the dough and sauce on a pizza is considered the base, then the cheese is the yummy goodness that holds it all together. Fresh mozzarella has a delightfully milky texture that tantalizes your tongue and melts in ways that store bought types do not. We make our own handmade fior de latte, or milk's flower, mozzarella every day.

Like the other parts of our pizza, we use simple, natural ingredients to make our mozzarella. The process is time-consuming, but the results for our pizza are worth it. In fact, you'll likely hear us referring to our cheese as, "mootza-a-del," which is an American-Italian slang word for our favorite pizza topping. If you'd like, try using the phrase when you order your pizza. You can bet that you'll be met with a welcoming smile.

Making a Difference with Every Pizza Pie

We love living in an area with beautiful weather and gorgeous beaches that just beg for a bit of al fresco dining. We also love creating a sense of community by supporting our other local businesses. Our pizza toppings include fresh organic local basil, giving you a taste of how Italian cooking techniques can be infused with Florida flavors, to create a unique food culture that proves natural and simple is best.

When you order from our pizza truck, you just might hear us say, "buon appetito" or “enjoy your meal”. Knowing that every ingredient is carefully selected and blended together just right gives us a sense of pride that we play a part in bringing together our community. Now, the only question left is to decide if you want to fold-and-go or sit down and eat your wood-fired piece of culinary perfection.