Why Wood-Fired Pizzas Are The Hottest Thing In The Food Scene

Pizza is the ultimate customizable meal, and it seems as though just about every region has its own version of pie. From New York to Chicago styles, you'll find that the thickness of the crust, types of toppings, and cooking methods all vary significantly.

Our Neapolitan-style pizza truck features a traditional Italian version that can only be made with a special type of crust. The simplicity of the ingredients creates a delicate dough that wood-fired ovens bake to perfection.

Pizzas baked in a wood-fire taste the best straight out of the oven. Wood-fired ovens also provide these amazing benefits that make them stand out among other options in the food scene.

Experience a Perfect Pizza Crust

Wood-fired ovens reach extremely high temperatures that range between 600 to 900 degrees Fahrenheit. Between the heat and the slight moisture that the wood gives off, pizzas baked in this way have a uniquely crispy crust that still retains a delectable amount of chewiness.

Enjoy a Slight Smoky FlavorWhen a wood-fired pizza comes out of the oven, people sometimes wonder about the little black spots that make the crust look burnt. These charred spots actually add to the flavor. They're so desirable that chefs often refer to these as leopard spots, and strive to achieve just the right amount of them. They also help to bring out that sweet, smoky flavor that Neapolitan-style pizza is known for.

Retain the Freshness of the Toppings

Pizzas bake fast in the wood-fired oven. This has the effect of searing the vegetables, so they are cooked but still crisp. Not only does this give them a fresh flavor, but it also helps to retain the nutrients of the toppings, so that your meal is healthier. We also love that it leaves the colors and textures of the toppings intact. Just looking at a wood-fired pizza is a delight in itself.

Savor Perfectly Melted Cheese

Fresh, homemade mozzarella deserves to be baked to perfection. With other types of cooking techniques, it is hard to achieve the ideal melting point for cheese without burning it. Since rubbery cheese does not do homemade mozzarella justice, a wood fire is the best way to melt it. It creates the right amount of heat to turn fresh mozzarella into a softly melted topping that also develops a slightly smoky flavor.