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To maintain the safety of all we will not be accepting any orders or form of payment in person. All orders must be done online. If you walk up or approach from the trail you can quickly order from your smart device.

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"Neo-what Pizza?" Neapolitan
[ nee-uh-paa-luh-tn ]

Originating from Neapole (Naples) in Italy, Neapolitan Pizza may prove quite different than what you're used to. Here's what to expect:

Ready in 3 minutes or less

The Wood-fired oven is crazy-hot. Pies are done in about 3 minutes or less. Best enjoyed fresh from the oven or re-heated beforehand, if you're looking for that crispy goodness!

Charred spots are good!

Due to the high heat, the crust will have dark spots - like a leopard :) This is not only normal but also desirable, as it adds to the flavor.

1 Pizza serves 1 Person

Smaller than the normal pizza, one pizza/person is the average portion... unless you have a gigantic appetite - in which case, get two :)

Fold 2 Hold (and eat)

Your call: fold the whole pizza to eat on the go like a savage, or sit down with cutlery like a civilized human.

ONLY Premium Ingredients

Fior di Latte Mozzarella made daily, authentic imported San Marzano Tomatoes, Caputo 00 Flour, Italian Sea Salt, Organic Fresh, Non-GMO Local ingredients ...

A healthier Balance

Zero sugar. Suitable even for gluten-sensitive people. A careful balance among crust, sauce, and cheese allows you to savor all 3 components.

Our Menu for this week (changes weekly)

Savory Pizzas

Dessert Pizzas

Puccia(sandwiches made on wood fired pizza dough bread)

Salads(served in wood fired pizza dough bowls)

Antipasti(first course)

Specials(for this week)